TUITION FOR 2018-2019


SCHOOL YEAR (Sept 18 - April 25)

Tuition at Lolly’s Place is $1,525 per year. This includes a $25 supply fee per student. If individual families pay their tuition in full before October 15, they will then receive a $75 discount, bringing the total cost paid to $1,450.

Monthly Tuition: $200 (except September $100)

1st Semester Tuition: $725 (Includes supply fee)

2nd Semester Tuition: $800

For families that wish to send more than one child, we offer a tuition reduction based on the number of children attending Lolly's Place.

1st Child: $1,525  ($200 per month except Sept. $100)

2nd Child: $1,175  ($150 per month except Sept. $100)

3rd Child: $825  ($100 per month)


Full and partial scholarships are need based and subject to availability. The Scholarship Committee will determine and distribute scholarship funding.