"Learning to Love Learning"

                                         "Learning to Love Learning"


"Learn to Love Learning" is something that my child has embraced since attending Lolly's Place.  The staff at Lolly's Place is filled with a compassionate, patient, and rewarding attitude.  My daughter has grown immensely since attending Lolly's.  Her reading level and math skills have soared and she enjoys the fact that learning is incorporated with art and yoga.  Her confidence level has increased and she looks forward to attending every Wednesday.  Thank you, LOLLY'S PLACE!  

                                                               ~ Gina, mother of 4th grader


"We love LOLLY’S PLACE.  Love. 
Our middle schooler has participated in the after-school study skills & homework sessions – and our 1st grader is currently there twice a week working on her quest to learn to love learning… reading & math, especially. 

 Both have a defined NEED to be a LOLLY’s, but also more importantly – a WANT.  

If you haven't read Simon Sinek's Start with Why, you might want to get a copy at your local library.  Simon's TED talk on asking why is one of the most popular TED talks of all time. 

The central premise is that for any individual or organization to succeed, we must first identify why it is we do what we do. Why do we choose to spend our life this way and why have we decided to make something our life's work? 

The WHY at LOLLYs is self-evident for us: establishing the process of LEARNING TO LOVE LEARNING.  

Our kiddos have built confidence & strengthened their academic skills at LOLLY’S PLACE.  Also, we love OWLS!"  

                                           ~ Peter, father of 7th grader & 1st grader